Top Tips for a Summer Move

Moving is difficult any time of year, but the summer can be particularly crazy, especially in a big city— so it is important to know exactly what you need to do for a smooth move during our warmest season. Read the following top tips to survive your move this summer:


Know what you should and shouldn’t put in a moving truck that can get super hot throughout your moving day. Candles are probably not a great idea, since the wax is going to melt.

If you still have that vintage collection of vinyl, cassette tapes or even CDs (yes, compact discs are now vintage), think twice about how you prepare them for the truck. Any perishable items? Use them up way before moving day.

Or find a couple of coolers to haul the stragglers back in your own car. You are likely not going to keep your food fresh in the moving truck.


Be sure to have a few bottles of cold water for your team. They are going to be working hard. Plus, it is just good manners to have water and maybe even a pizza or two for the hard-working crew. But, at the very least, they will be happy if you learn the etiquette of tipping them.

Top Tips for a Summer Move - Have Plenty of Water on Hand

And don’t forget about yourself! Keep that internal thermostat regulated by sipping plenty of H20 throughout the day.


Moving during the summer means you are moving at the busiest time of the year. Most families with kids in school want to move in the summer to avoid school-year disruptions. And the military tends to do a lot of personnel moves during the summer months.

That means prices might be a bit higher and competition for moving dates might be stiffer. Know that as you get into the process of picking a mover.


It’s 90 degrees and humid. Do you really want to stuff your wardrobe box with snow suits and heavy coats? Or go through every item in your pantry and refrigerator?

Top Tips for a Summer Move - Be Realistic About Packing

Consider paying a bit extra for a packing service. A team of people will come in and get your dank basement or musty attic packed up much quicker than you can.


Most people tend to worry about Mother Nature’s wrath in the winter. But she is perhaps most volatile during the summer season. Heavy thunderstorms can seemingly appear out of nowhere. You will want to stay tuned to the local weather forecast.

With a little knowledge and luck, you will avoid the occasional hail, flooding, and heatwave that July and August can deliver.


As we have mentioned, summertime is a very popular time for people to move. The most reputable movers will book up early. Be sure to target your dates and reserve your moving company today.

Top Tips for a Summer Move - Hire Your Movers Early

When all’s said and done, you will be ensconced in a happy new apartment, hopefully with excellent air conditioning!