The 5 Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment

For most, summertime means going to the pool, getting a tan (or a sunburn) and grilling assorted meats with your closest friends. But for many it also means moving to a new place, and for renters, this means scouring the Internet for that dream apartment– oftentimes in a new neighborhood or even a new city.

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment

Apartment hunting is daunting enough without the added pressure of getting settled into your new place. Pantries need to be stocked, rooms need to be decorated and renters have to find their new go-to dry cleaners and watering holes. But instead of stressing, renters can turn to the Internet for help finding everything they need to get the most out of their new apartment.

Here are five fantastic sites and apps every renter should use to get comfortable in their new apartment.


After a long day of moving, the last thing you want to do is haul to the grocery store to replenish your probably empty refrigerator.

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment - Instacart

Let someone else do those for you. Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that can have all of your supplies to your doorstep in as little as two hours.


If you need the scoop on your new neighborhood, check out the Nextdoor app. It’s a hyper-local social network that connects you with your neighbors.

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment - Nextdoor

‘Nextdoor’ is a great tool to discover the intricacies of your neighborhood. You can even write a quick post introducing yourself to everyone.


Getting outside and taking a leisurely stroll to acquaint yourself with your new neighborhood is fine when you aren’t in a hurry. But what about when you need to hit the bank and it’s nearly 5:00pm?

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment - Around Me


‘Around Me’ is the best way to find any type of nearby local business. You can perform broad searches for businesses like banks or coffee shops, or you can get more specific and look for things like women’s haircuts or even dog walkers.


Fewer than half the renters in the country get covered, which leaves them liable to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket in the event of fire, theft, or another type of accident.

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment - Effective Coverage

Effective Coverage aims to make renters insurance super easy to understand and buy-– renters can buy insurance from their phones or mobile devices even while standing in their landlord’s office.


This app calls itself “the mobile money meter,” and it isn’t exaggerating. Levelmonitors your spending activity, including bills and rent, to determine how much spare cash you have to spend. Level breaks down your spendable cash by day, week and month so you never get off track.

The Best Online Tools For Your New Apartment - Level

With the services above, getting settled into a new apartment is as easy as sitting on the couch and playing Candy Crush. In just a few minutes, you can have everything you need, a kitchen full of groceries,a connection with your new neighbors, protection for your valuables, and a comprehensive budget to control your spending at your new favorite local businesses.