Best Websites for Personalized Wall Art

There’s no better way to decorate your stark white apartment walls than personalized wall art! But with so many companies out there, how do you choose the best website? Your friends at Lovely are here to help!


If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your photos, or you have tons of ideas, you probably want to look at unique options for designing your personalized wall art. Some sites allow you to break up a single image into several canvas prints, making a gallery in your apartment.

Here are the best sites in order from the most to least options (all are great sites; some just have more options than others):

  1. Collage Wall: This company allows you to make a creative collage arrangement using one or multiple photos. You can pick from numerous options of layouts that take all of the guesswork out of hanging a series of images in an “artistic way”.
  2. Shutterfly: Tied for second place on most sizing options, Shutterfly allows its customers to choose from a variety of sizes.
  3. Snapfish: No matter what kind of print you want, you’ll have options for how large you make it by using Snapfish. For this reason, Snapfish ties for second.


Best Websites for Personalized Wall Art-Quality Enlargements

When you take a picture and enlarge it for photo projects, you may potentially end up with an image that’s pixilated. That doesn’t make for great wall art. Fortunately, some online companies will ensure your picture maintains its detail when enlarged.

  1. Wizard Prints: This company takes just about any image and makes it as big as you want. Dreaming of a mural using that picture you took on your relaxing vacation to Hawaii? Wizard Prints can do it!
  2. Canvas Pop: This company specializes in turning your images into wall art stretched over a canvas. The images they enlarge maintain their quality, whether you snapped them on a camera phone or expensive digital single-lens reflex camera.


Best Websites for Personalized Wall Art-Amazing Canvas

Speaking of printing pictures on a canvas, we’ve found some of the top-rated companies that perform this service. You can turn any picture into a decorative piece that would fit in at a gallery using the services of one of these reputable websites:

  1. Miracle Canvas: This company specializes in creating multi-panel canvas prints, though you can get a single panel if you’d like. The canvases you purchase will be stretched and ready to hang when you get them. Additionally, the company boasts a staggering amount of customizing options.
  2. Canvas Pop: Canvas Pop allows you to take a single image and make it into a ready-to-hang canvas, create multi-panel pieces or select several images to compile a canvas collage. The pieces all have a matte finish and come with a 100% lifetime love guarantee (if you don’t love your canvas, they’ll fix it or refund you).


Never overlook website navigation when searching for a print company. Because you’ll be doing most of the business online, you want to make sure you won’t get frustrated during the process. The site should have clear and easy-to-find printing options, upfront pricing, good customer service, and user-friendly layouts. We love these companies for their sites:

  1. Snapfish: Snapfish’s home page is very easy to navigate. The top of the page features categories with drop down menus that take you directly to the products you want to view. You’ll also find fields that tell you more about the company and offer help when ordering.
  2. Canvas Pop: The layout of the Canvas Pop site is very straightforward, no bells and whistles, which makes finding things easier. Also, you have the option to chat live with a customer service representative who will answer any of your questions – that alone makes working with Canvas Pop a breeze.


Canvas prints and framed wall art is easy to hang because it’s all ready to go. However, what happens when you have a bunch of panels to hang? You have to figure out how to make sure they lay correctly on your wall to get the effect you originally wanted. Fortunately, this company makes hanging super simple:

  1. CollageWall: When you order panels from CollageWall, you also get a paper grid. The grid guides you as you hang the pieces, ensuring that spacing is even and your images are level.