RYAS: Rocking Your Apartment’s Socks! We’ll take you from recipes to try in the kitchen to thrifty apartment decor and much more!

One way to rock your apartment’s socks is to keep it organized! As much as we might hate cleaning, you can always make organization and tidiness a little more fun by finding unique and eye-catching ways to do it! Check out these ten life hacks that will keep your apartment organized and looking f-i-n-e!

1. Use soda can tabs to create closet space

Just slip the soda can tab over the hook of your hanger, and hang a second hanger on the open tab hole! You’ll fit twice the number of hangers in your closet without wasting money on pricey space-saving hangers.

2. Create magnetic spice jars

Instead of filling your precious cabinet space with all your spices, check out this guide to making magnetic spice jars! You can then stick them to the fridge for a unique look and a cute space saver!

3. Save dresser space with a new shirt fold

Fold and organize your shirts in rows rather than laying them flat! Not only will you create more space, but you’ll also be able to easily find your favorite shirts more easily!

4. Create a magnetic bathroom storage strip

Use a magnetic strip roll to create three storage strips in your bathroom medicine cabinet: one at the top, one toward the bottom, and one in the middle (make sure you avoid placing the strips at the same level as the shelf, as this might keep the cabinet from closing). You can use these to store tweezers, small clippers, and other metallic bathroom accessories … especially the ones you’re more likely to lose! We’re looking at you, bobby pins!

5. Use spice racks to organize your bedroom and bathroom

Need a low cost alternative to shelving for over bed storage? Or maybe you just need to organize your hair products, lotions, nail polishes, etc. Look no further than spice racks! They are small enough to not take up much room, but big enough to hold all your everyday items. And they’re super easy to install! Use them to create bathroom organization, or create an over-the-bed bookshelf or place to stick your glasses for the night!

6. Create unique storage with baskets

You can find beautiful wicker or faux-wicker baskets at a local craft store. Use them to create a unique storage option. You can easily hang them from the wall either facing up (for hats, scarves, etc.) or facing out (for books, vases, and other small items).

7. Use Dollar Store buckets for desk organization

The Dollar Store always has nifty knick-knacks … one of our favorites is their cute multicolored buckets and pails! They are not only adorable decor, but they also present fun desktop organization. Use them to store pens, markers, scissors, and other items. Stick one in the living room or kitchen to store your small hand tools, too!

8. Cereal containers double as trash cans

Another awesome Dollar Store find? Cereal containers. These not only give you a great way to keep your cereal fresh … they also provide the perfectly sized small trash bins you may need for each room. Tuck one down beneath your desk, beside the bed, or just inside the front door; it’s easily hidden, but big enough for small trash you don’t want to take a trip to your main trashcan for. (Bonus: Grab one for your car, too! No more loose straw rappers and unwanted receipts!)

9. Save closet storage space with baskets

Invest in some cloth collapsible baskets for your closet. Instead of stacking extra clothes or sheets on the top shelf, use these to create a more colorful and space saving organization system! One benefit to these is that you can stack them up or on their sides; lay a basket on its side for sheets, and stack baskets with extra shirts, socks, and other clothes on top of each other.

10. Use shower curtain rings to hang belts and scarves

Secure a rod (try an expandable curtain rod) inside your closet and hang as many shower curtain rings as you need. Use them to keep your belts and scarves organized! Learn how to make your own here!

Happy Organizing! And don’t forget to share your favorite organizational tips with us!